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The first days of the week show that you’re badly influenced by astral energy. Curiosity will take you through rocky terrain and you may spoil your relationship by being distant or cold in regard to the tenderness your partner requires of you.

Don’t think you’re going to suffer all week, Capricorn, of course not. Venus Star Point arrives and this wonderful mathematical point falls in your love area and relationships giving you a moment of joy in the midst of so many storms. You could receive the best declarations of love and enjoy sex like never before in the whole year.

The brightness of the Sun joins the wonderful Venus and everything turns pink for you. The words that your ears hear promise you the garden of Eden and life seems to bring you many gifts.


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You will be somewhat worried about your expenses these days. It looks like you’ve bought too much and your bank account shows it. You could receive a call that alerts you about mistakes at work that you can’t afford.

Everything seems bleak. Between Monday and Wednesday, you’ll feel the urgent need for a rest that seems to never come.

Don’t be discouraged, there’s someone who values what you are able to do and rewards you with their noble words and enthusiasm.

Be careful as someone from your work environment will try to take your job by going against you little by little.

You’ll receive a gift with high emotional value. A family heirloom becomes yours.


What stands out most this week regarding your health is the tension you feel in your cervical area. Neck aches and discomfort when you wake up that doesn’t let you move freely are small problems that you can avoid with a massage and a better posture.

Capricorn women will be experiencing a few days of greater fertility so they have to be careful with unwanted pregnancies or they’ll make their families grow.