Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 May

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You’re experiencing a stage of life in which everything that has to do with your love life is new and new people that are linked in new ways come into your life. Make the most of this push of destiny to imagine your ideal life, your most genuine desires.

Expect surprises, as the planetary alignments for this week show possible declarations of love, marriage proposals, and secrets that come out into the open.  

As of Thursday, however, although everything seemed to go well, you’ll feel in opposition. People don’t understand you or they misunderstand you and that causes you great discomfort. Maybe it’s time to take a distance.

You’ll receive a call from the past this weekend that’ll make you doubt your feelings. Passion is embodied in memories.



Things to do with your finances show significant progress during this week. Everything you touch becomes a success, you’re vibrating very peculiar and positive energy.

The natives who are looking for a job may not find the desired results. However, they’ll be able to use the creativity and punch that’s available in the planetary locations and benefit by starting to design the details of a venture or personal business.

Of all the elements, the Earth is the most benefited this week, so don’t stop taking this favorable vibration and use it in your favour.

The environment is dense due to people who instead of adding to your life take energy away showing bad temper and envy. Don’t let yourself get carried away by that wave that doesn’t belong to you. Mind your own business, Capricorn.

Add people that vibrate positively and are happy and pleasant to your work team to attract abundance to your projects.


Your health is good in general, you’re even likely to find solutions to problems regarding your sight or hearing. The most important thing this week is that you maintain your inner peace since you’ll be more sensitive and afraid.

Messages and samples of your deepest fears come out from the depths of your psyche in the form of nightmares and disturbing dreams.

Writing your feelings in a notebook can be a relief and an important relief.