Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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The week starts with the moon in an Earth sign and that benefits your love life. Although many natives of this sign will be affected by indecision and doubt. It’s hard for you to take a path in that direction since you believe that something can go wrong.

If you surrender to the unknown, to not having everything under control, you’ll see that life takes care of solving things and putting all the details in its place and that you can dedicate yourself to enjoying what comes without being afraid.

Towards the weekend, love will take you by surprise. You’re about to start an important relationship. Get rid of all that fear and sadness. Life brings good news for you.

Beware of arguments, people are on edge and you could get involved in unnecessary conflicts. Listening to or saying hurtful words. Remember that pride isn’t a virtue and it’s positive to know how to forgive.


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It seems that the day when money is enough and you have peace in that sense will never come.  The stars show the possibility of your income increasing and your finances stabilising. This’ll be after a lot of perseverance and no less effort of course.

The movements of Saturn is your sign invite you to develop all your skills and show the world how responsible and efficient you can be when you’re trusted and believed in and people value what you do.

Sign up for a course or seminar that helps increase your knowledge. You can invest in improvements, infrastructure or machinery that you may not be able to use right now but that will be useful in a few days.

There are always offers available if you’re interested in retraining. Invest your money well. You’ll profit from it in the future.


Almost all your ailments are related to your mood. Of all the signs, you are the one who most suffers in silence from their problems and who most difficulty has in trusting someone enough to tell them about their doubts or fears.

The only thing you’ll manage to do this week is getting to the end of every day exhausted from containing your tears or anger.

It’s not possible for your rigidity to pass without leaving traces in your body. Seek help from a therapist or psychologist who you can talk with about all of these issues you have.

It’s never too late to change.