Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You'll be very sensitive this week. The first days will be melancholic for the times that are gone. Getting in touch with your emotions could be painful. It's not something that's comfortable for you, your astral energy pushes you to practical and material issues, therefore, every time the astral alignments lead you to feel with your heart, you feel vulnerable or impotence might even take over you.

From Wednesday, emotions and feelings transform and allow you a more fluid and mental interaction with your partner. You'll be able to communicate your needs and your feelings more easily. The safety you feel when you open your heart will lead you to change some behaviours you had before.

If you're one of those who are single right now, love is just around the corner. One of your classmates might be waiting for a sign, Capricorn.

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Issues related to money and profits begin to show beneficial movements for the natives of Capricorn.

Planetary transits in an area of ??the Zodiac that's compatible with your sign will bring good news throughout the week and that will give the natives of your sign a break. All the issues that worried you begin to open to new perspectives.

Maybe it's time to change the ways you deal with work Capricorn.

There are many innovations in technology and ways of processing information that require a new perspective. Seek to train according to your career.

By Thursday, you may be tempted with fancy offers but read the fine print of the contracts you sign. Otherwise, you could be accepting clauses that will lead to losses.

If you feel that bad energies are hurting your finances, it's time for an energy cleanup. Burning incense at home and at the office is a simple procedure and it's not at all risky. Sandalwood and benzoin are powerful aromas that release the spaces of evil energies. Light some incense before starting your workday, you'll feel the atmosphere is lighter and more pleasant.


During this week, the natives of your sign will have to take care of their laryngeal chakra. Your vocal cords and throat are the part of your body that will be most affected by fatigue and stress.

Nose and ear swelling will be typical ailments for you but take care of weather changes. It could also be words you don't dare to say. Attitudes you can't swallow. Repressed cries.

Write an intimate diary to release those thoughts that overload you.