Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 6

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The stars bring emotional stability and good news regarding love to the natives of Capricorn.

You’re struggling to understand your ideas and the way you see the world and the future and you believed that understanding would never happen. Today the time has come for you to look each other in the eyes and feel yourselves vibrating in unison in order to achieve the same goals together.

Don’t despair if you spend the whole day waiting for that person you like so much to call or text. The truth is that you don’t always get what you want when you expect it. There might be delays. But remember that if you force things you may lose what you want.

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You may sometimes think your job is meaningless or that you’re worthy of much more than what you have. Remember the importance of humility and gratitude that should take a leading role in everything you do.

Remember that the Universe offers promises of more and better blessings for those people who are able to be grateful for what they have. Sometimes, even what you see in a negative way ends up being good for you.

If you feel that the energy around you is of sadness or poverty and you don’t know how to remove these influences from your surroundings try a ritual to open paths. There are many ways of getting rid of negativity: cut a lemon in half and stick nine cloves in the centre, place everything on a white plate and hide it at work. It will absorb all the evil that surrounds you.


You may feel down or sad but this feeling might not even be yours. You’re absorbing the negativity of your environment. Don’t worry, the stars will be in another location tomorrow and this will pass.