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Capricorn Horoscope for 12 December

Your Forecast for Wednesday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



The morning will go past uneventfully, and everything will happen as expected. 

You'll feel relaxed and more open and friendly towards your loved ones than you usually would. This way you'll attract people with the same upbeat energy as yours. 

Life's alchemy is no longer a secret to you: be the energy you want to attract. If you're a single native and you're waiting for someone special to come and fulfill you, you might want to be careful. Things won't happen if you stay cooped up in your house, you need to go out and make them happen. 

It would be a good idea to broaden your social circle, go to parties and events. You could even sign up to an exciting class and enjoy the possibilities it offers regarding socializing. 


Your sign is famous for its seriousness and determination, for the immense potential to push forward in the face of adversity, which is why you shouldn't worry, Capricorn. 

However, you shouldn't be responsible for someone else's mistakes. Assert yourself and take a stand as soon as possible, before a precedent is created and people believe it's your job to pick up their pieces. 

Your attitude might attract intense backlash, but you can use the power of precious stones, and a piece of amethyst would be ideal in that situation. 


If you don't consult your doctor when something is upsetting you, that small nuisance could escalate to a more severe health problem. 

A sharp pain, dizziness, light but consistent pain could be signs of something more serious. 

You need to give yourself the attention you deserve. Capricorn natives tend to be fearful of visiting a specialist, and they imagine the worst scenarios. 

Fear is your worst enemy, and it's keeping you from facing reality. 

Listen to your body and show yourself more love. 

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