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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 16

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Destiny will bring forward a person from your past that will bring back memories and make you romanticize the past. You're sad to see that you've turned into a skeptical who suppresses their feelings.  

You can still feel the pain of old wounds, and you even relive those episodes. You have to put a stop to that painful memory and start living in the present. You need to let it go.

If you need to, don't hesitate to try a prayer, a Hindu hand gesture or a visualization. 


Today is a lucky day, and you'll get an unexpected amount of money. 

If you're trying to boost your economy, today is an excellent day to start doing so. The first thing to do is stop seeing yourself as a consumer but more of a seller. 

Everyone knows that you're the master of saving up, but sometimes you avoid buying things that you actually need. Get yourself those elegant shoes, don't be cheap with yourself. 

Your appearance means a lot when it's time to face success. 


Your energy and well-being will be at an all-time low during tomorrow. It might be that you haven't slept well and you need a healthy breakfast to recharge your batteries, in which case Magic Horoscope recommends dry fruit and natural yogurt. 

If you don't cut down on sugar, you might be putting your pancreas at risk, and you may gain some unwanted kilograms in the following months. You need to kick this bad habit and in the process, inspire others to follow your example. 

Make sure you do some form of light exercise in the afternoons. 

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