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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 17

Your Horoscope for Monday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Jupiter's influence on your house of spirituality will allow you to make extremely inspired decisions.  

This will mark the end of the strange feeling you've had lately, similar to being under a spell. You'll feel lucky and protected. 

You might be irritable and impatient toward the end of the day. We recommend that you keep your comments to yourself and try not to offend that person that you've been trying to get close to. Your sense of humor could be hurtful or misinterpreted, and it could end up ruining all your efforts so far. 

The perfect amulet for Capricorn natives is a red quart, carry it with you and enjoy its loving energy. 


Don't expect immediate results. You have to understand that real change takes time, so you need to start working hard. 

Today you might experience lies from someone who you believed was a friend. 

The most effective way of defending yourself against slander is to have written proof displayed out in the open. 

Remember that a positive attitude is the best defense you have against people attacking you. 


The Moon's negative influence this afternoon might set in motion a series of conflictual events that could cause a migraine, neuralgia, cervical or tooth pain. 

Your throat chakra might be affected by blockages and tension, maybe you haven't spoken your mind, or perhaps you haven't done it in the best possible way. You can try writing a letter to the person who is causing you this ordeal. 

Take deep breaths and try to relax the part of your body that hurts. You could try saying mantras (like the Om) out loud and clear your vocal cords.  

Try alternative therapies to alleviate the symptoms that you suffer from. 

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