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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 19

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Are you in a strange mood, and you don't feel like communicating your needs? It seems like everyone has gone deaf to your cries, you had hopes of confiding in your significant other. You feel alone in the middle of a sea of people and you should examine the situation you're in because you're the one who caused it with your ice facade and skepticism. 

Perhaps your significant other is unaware of this more vulnerable side of yours. It's high time you took your mask off and showed your true colors; it will create a safer space between you two and promote effective communication. 

Remember that some storms happen because they need to clear the air and your path of unwanted debris that is not a part of your plans.


It looks like you're going to have a lucky day, Capricorn. You'll have the energy and skill to take care of an issue that's been worrying you for a while, as well as some urgent problems that you'll deal with swiftly. 

Your abilities and energy make you worthy of your employer's and client's praise. You'll be the toast of the town today, and you have no one but yourself to thank for. It's a great day for professional advancement, and you'll shine brighter than any star. Well done! 

These moments are made to be enjoyed. 


If you've been drinking cold beverages or not being careful with sudden temperature changes, then expect a sore throat and potentially losing your voice. 

You need to pay more attention to your body and how it reacts. Sometimes it warns you about ailments well in advance. 

Perhaps a vitamin supplement might help with your immune system as well as minerals to help compensate for the lack of sleep and excessive worry. 

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