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Capricorn Horoscope for 2 December

Todo el horóscopo de este domingo
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A perfect Sunday to get together with your closest friends. However, it will be a confusing day emotionally as you'll struggle with memories that keep pulling you back. 

It's vital to go out and enjoy a walk or some friendly company, and maybe even a board game. It will keep your mind occupied and away from the weekend blues. 

The priority is to live in the moment. Life is a rollercoaster ride worth enjoying, and it all depends on you. Don't give your friends the cold shoulder; you'll have time tomorrow to deal with your responsibilities. Smile and kiss more, enjoy and play more, and you'll see how things will get better. 


Take a day out of your schedule to plan your budget and make sure there are no loose ends. This week, Mercury will retake its direct station, but the effects of the retrograde are still vaguely present. 

You know best how to manage your time, but don't get too confident. You might need to replan your day and some spare time could come in handy. 

Today's lucky numbers are 23 and 12. 


According to the stars, your libido should be sky high. If, however, you've noticed a decline in your sexual drive it might be because you've been neglecting your mental health. 

You might experience a strong urge to unravel all your force and sensuality, but remember that for the encounter to have healing powers, it must also have significance to you. You are likely to experience high vibrations if you put your mind to it. You're the only one that knows how far your body can go.

The emotional harmony that you believed to have is not quite there, Capricorn. Feel free to ask for assistance without fear or prejudice. There are many options available that can help improve your mental health. 

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