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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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There are many differences between your vision of what your relationship should be and what it actually is, but truthfully, you should learn how to enjoy and value it more. 

You're becoming your biggest saboteur, and your happiness is the one paying the price. You'll always be unhappy if you focus on what's missing instead of on what you have. You can't control everything around you and be happy at the same time. 

Learn how to be grateful for the gifts that life has given you, you can start by looking in the mirror and saying thank you for your body and the amazing things it can do. Look around you and be grateful for everything. You'll see that once you start focusing on the positives you'll enjoy life more and stop controlling your partner so much. 

Be careful, the planets are warning you about imminent danger. 

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It's an ideal day for economic decisions, and you finally see the fruits of your labor. Your efforts are being recognized and new opportunities are being created for you that will offer great financial satisfaction in the long run. 

Your colleagues support you entirely, and your job is going better than ever. 

Fun encounters, toasts and shared moments of happiness will provide you with the energy to continue on your professional path. 


Misplaced energy can cause negativity and induce illness. According to scientific research, spiritual powers affect the physical body and its healing as well. 

A happy person's cells tend to regenerate faster than someone else's who complains and is in a bad mood. Imagine how beneficial it would be for your well being if you changed your overall disposition. 

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