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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 23

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Single Capricorns that are looking for their better half will have a lucky day if they know how to pay attention to those around them. They might find like-minded people who share their affinity for romance. 

One of your friends might introduce you to someone special, try to let go of your rigid criteria and discover new ways of loving and being loved. 

You'll find new reasons to celebrate and even perceive the Christmas holidays differently. Focus on the small things that bring joy and share them with family and friends. 

This year, Capricorn,  you have the chance to spend the holidays in a different way. 


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Your tendency of focusing on what you don't have is detrimental to your emotional health. The negative charge of unaccomplished goals might be slowing down your productivity.

Learn how to find satisfaction in smaller victories, and you'll realize that your colleagues' and employees' morale needs less criticizing in order to feel appreciated.  

No one can achieve such high standards, Capricorn. You're the master of responsibility and an undeniable hard worker but today you can give yourself some slack. 

You'll see how this way you'll make new friends which you used to think of as enemies. 


You're in excellent shape and your health has never been better. What is really an issue is the underlying current of anxiety running through your body. Although no one can see it, you know that it's there and that all the pent-up anger is nothing more than excess energy which you haven't been able to channel into something positive. 

Magic Horoscope suggests you look into martial arts or a type of oriental practice such as karate, aikido, or tai chi. These practices could help you connect to your inner self and improve your vitality and self-esteem.  

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