Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Today everything around you will exude happiness and optimism. Adapt, if possible, to the communication style of the people you'll spend the day with, it will make things more comfortable, and you'll blend in faster. Forget about preconceived ideas and channel your inner child. 

If someone happens to criticize you for your decisions in love, pay them no mind. Not everyone perceives love in the same way so you shouldn't even bother wasting energy on explaining yourself to people who don't know your life. It would take too long to justify everything you've done, and you'd miss out on such a gorgeous day. 

Try to keep gloom at bay. 


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A chance meeting with one of your friends will open your eyes to new opportunities that will facilitate reaching your goals faster. You do need to make sure that everything is above board and you don't get yourself in legal trouble. 

Get hold of all the necessary documents and receipts so that no one can set you up. 

Venus in Scorpio threatens to affect your progress regarding legal actions and their consequences. Tread carefully and avoid assuming any responsibility for now. 

The lucky numbers today are 71,  12 and 96.


You can't avoid your feelings anymore or the fears you've buried deep inside; you'll have to face them once and for all.

It looks like it's time to start enjoying your sexuality to the fullest. Venus, the planet of love, is in Scorpio and it will entice you to meet new love interests, explore your body and your inner emotional world. 

You can't get away from your own sensitivity, Capricorn, on the contrary, so make sure you enjoy yourself.