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Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 26

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It's common knowledge among the people who know you that when you don't like someone, your face gives away your full disdain. You'll need to make a significant effort today, seeing how life keeps throwing challenges at you, only this time is in the shape of dishonest and hypocritical people. 

Circumstances will force you to hide your true feelings from your significant other and thus spare them the grief. Remember you need to hone your diplomatic abilities by practicing active listening and measuring your words. 

Your rivals don't stand a chance if you hold back and let them reveal their true colors. Victory will be secured, and you'll be able to show kindness to those who deserve it. 


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You may be tired of people thinking that your best quality is your sense of responsibility. They've forgotten that you're also human and you have your weaknesses and insecurities. Avoid taking on additional debt. 

Typically, you're too grounded which shuts the door on creativity and daydreaming. This evening, however, you need to make the most of the planet's influence and bring forth all the innovative ideas you've been having regarding your line of work. 

Do you think you'll be comfortable in this relaxed situation? Come on, Capricorn, reveal your playful and imaginative side. 

You'll enjoy your employers' full support. 


If you're feeling tired, you need to take some time to rest correctly instead of pushing yourself to do more and then complaining about your inefficiency. You can't always have a defensive stance; you need to speak up and ask for help. 

Get rid of your cold approach and get in touch with your sensitive side. It's perfectly reasonable to feel exhausted this time of the year, and you can allow yourself a siesta during the day or perhaps go to bed earlier to boost your energy levels. Alternatively, you can try a multivitamin complex. 

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