Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Today your mere presence will prove intoxicating to someone important to you, and they'll be struck by Cupid's arrow as soon as they lay eyes on you. This attraction will make that person look for any possible reason to be alone with you. 

They'll be able to reach your romantic side and whisper magic words that give way to your heart. If you already have a significant other, think twice before you do anything as you risk endangering your relationship. This new encounter could develop into something serious. 

Either good or bad, everything happens for a reason. 

Try to preserve this new connection you make, in time it might lose its romantic qualities and transform into a beautiful friendship.


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You might discover that you've been betrayed by someone you trusted, either a colleague or business partner, and you'll feel the need for revenge. Don't worry about it; the Universe is on your side today. Today's events will unravel in such a way that before you know it, your enemies will fall prey to the very traps they set for you. 

You'll be able to cope with everything today and come out on top from situations where you've been wrongly involved in. 

Many chams help protect against negative energy. Magic Horoscope recommends that you get the semiprecious stone called black tourmaline that guards against evil spirits and unfortunate thoughts. 


Today's hectic rhythm will cause you to drink too much caffeine. Have you been paying attention to how many caffeinated drinks you have each day? Try to substitute stimulant beverages for water or herbal infusions that can help with your liver's health. Try dandelion, fennel, thyme, or green tea.