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Capricorn Daily Prediction for 4 December

Tuesday's Capricorn Forecast
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Today you'll enjoy harmony between your feelings and your thoughts. It's as if all the doubts and conflicts have vanished overnight from your personal and family life as well. Considering you've been going through a difficult time full of arguments and tension, this quiet period is something you must be grateful for to the Universe.

Magic Horoscope recommends honesty with those around you, don't hold anything back as the prediction is that certain people might be plotting to hurt you. 

Knowledge is power, and if people care for you, they'll understand your motives for specific past actions. 



The end of the year means a lot of spending that you must cope with. You already know the drill: presents, fancy, overpriced food, meeting your friends for drinks, and the more friends you have, the more your budget will suffer.  Don't forget about presents for all your family members and worse of all, those you need to make out of obligation. 

Because this situation happens every year, it would be amazing if you accepted that work offer that you kept thinking about and made some extra money. 

Ask for references from your colleagues, drop as many resumes as you can and keep the ball rolling, you've got luck on your side. 



The discomfort that you're feeling is nothing more than a result of the evil eye. Don't you believe it exists? Believe it or not, Capricorn, energy can be good or bad, there are curses and blessings, two sides of the same coin, simply put energy in action. The reality is we can all activate this mechanism.  

If you feel overwhelmed by things you can't explain, it might be because of negative energies that are trying to wear you down. 

Magic Horoscope recommends a relaxing bath with sea salt and lavender essential oil. You'll see how much better you feel afterward. 

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