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Capricorn Forecast for December 6

Prediction for Thursday
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Today you will have the Moon's influence on your side, and you'll bring forward the best in you for what looks like a perfect day. You'll enjoy emotional encounters today and positive energies from those around you. 

You could take advantage of this loving, camaraderie phase you're going through and tactfully express the things you've always wanted to say. Is there anything weighing you down and you need to talk about it? Don't be afraid to confide in someone. 

Pay attention to what you say, and maybe this exercise of expressing yourself will help you learn how to respect your emotional side more. 


You might face some obstacles today that will force you to reevaluate your fears. Don't worry too much, as these are the last of Mercury's retrograde shenanigans, and after all, you can use any experience as a learning point. 

Take advantage of the fact that your projects have stalled and instead of getting upset, try and find the hidden lesson that this situation has to offer. 

You already know that everything happens for a reason and perhaps this situation has presented itself to teach you a lesson about always wanting things to be precise. Many times, however, playing it safe only brings out the past and stunts your development. 


Tonight you might feel some discomfort in your bones. You already know that your spine is vital in supporting all your weight and that you don't always have the best posture. You should dedicate more time to a proper stretching and yoga class. 

Your neck is under a lot of stress during the day, and with time, you could experience more problems if you leave cervical issues unattended. 

Learn how to relax by focusing your attention on the tense area of your body; inhale and imagine yourself in a sea of purifying light and exhale to eliminate all the tension. 

You'll see how much better you feel afterward. 

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