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Capricorn Horoscope for 7 December

Your Forecast for Friday
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You have a stringent need for freedom today, but due to fear you cling to traditional solutions, and it can stop you from exploring your true passions and what really motivates you.

You feel stuck under a mask you have created to protect yourself from failure and judgment. It turns out that inside of you there's someone who desperately needs adventure. 

Today is Friday, and it might be the perfect day to let your hair down and be more daring. Make a change, open yourself to new situations, dress differently, allow yourself to feel out of the ordinary. Others might not understand it, and they might not follow you. 

Let go of your insecurity and be free, at least for a day, Capricorn. 


When it's time to evaluate your accomplishments for the passing week, remember to be understanding with yourself. You've worked hard and overcame many obstacles, so you deserve to feel some satisfaction. 

The truth is, today you need to finalize your answer to an offer you got, and it can't wait until next week. Listen to your gut instinct when it's time to reply and trust yourself more, now that you've started a more confident stage of your life. 

Clarify and organize your ideas, and you'll benefit from extremely favorable deals.   


You are in excellent health, and you feel full of energy. You'll become more aware of how your state of mind influences your physical well-being, and you'll realize that following your heart, taking care of yourself and communicating more effectively, will benefit your physical health in the long run. 

Magic Horoscope recommends that you enjoy a herbal infusion of sage, that will help you balance your immune system and ensure longevity. Ancient civilizations believed that sage was also a good-luck charm; the matter of the fact is, sage is a miraculous plant, and it's easily accessible. 

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