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Capricorn Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday’s Capricorn Forecast
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Why do you think it's so difficult for you to trust that life has good things in store for you? Because of your negative attitude, the divine flow of energy is interrupted, and the good things are now delayed; they might even seem impossible to achieve even though they are far from it. 

You need to understand that not everything in life is about responsibilities and social climbing. There are other aspects of being human that you have been neglecting. 

You're nearing the moment when you'll find your purpose in life, so pay attention to the signs that the Universe is sending you. Your conjugal bliss will depend on this, and your relationship will improve if you're willing to go the extra mile. Remember that love is a miracle that we were gifted with. 


You're going through a transformation stage, and everything that used to matter has now been reduced to ashes. There might be a significant change coming up if you don't manage to figure out where you stand. 

Your adaptability will be the deciding factor in whether certain issues that have been worrying you are resolved successfully or not.  

Sometimes you're too severe; you need to start observing more and speaking less. 

Today's lucky numbers are 22 and 23, so keep an eye out for these digits. 


It might be time for a dental check-up. We know that it's not your favorite pass time, but you need to set aside your fear, Capricorn, and face the music. Especially since most of your problems have to do with your teeth and bones. 

    Your gums are suffering from Vitamin C deficiency, due to bad eating habits, and work-related stress and it's something that you need to look at as soon as possible. 

    Perhaps you're grinding your teeth because of tension. Go for that check-up as soon as possible before you get to that big Christmas feast. 

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