Magical Horoscope 5
Magical Horoscope 5 | 16



The fact that your partner was finally the one who put a stop to your plans of moving in together hurt you, but with time you’ll realize that they couldn’t have made a better decision.

Prisoners of the passion that grips you, you were about to fall into a trap that causes many couples to break up: taking the plunge at the wrong time.

The alignment of the stars wasn’t at all favorable for this type of change. As ironic as it may seem, keeping a little bit of distance between each other saved your relationship.



The cosmos have decided to give you a break from the economic hurdles, which means that you’ll have a calm weekend. Even though your checking account will still be at its threshold, you won’t have any more unexpected expenses to worry about.

Although your account balance will continue to decline over the next few days due to monthly payments, at least you won’t have any new expenses. They say that every cloud has a silver lining, and this will cheer you up, just think that you have an incredibly positive surprise waiting for you just around the corner.


Be careful if you decide to change your look! Something may seem like a great idea at first because you saw someone famous pull it off, but we might not be able to pull off the look in the same way.

Before the hairdresser starts cutting, let them give you advice and take your time explaining exactly what look you’re going for if you don’t want to leave the hair salon in tears.

Apart from that, remember that you should see a dietitian to start working on your blood pressure problem. Otherwise, you’re in the clear.