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Capricorn Horoscope for Wednesday, January 31st

Planetary prediction for Capricorn
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You don’t hold the same power at home as you do in your workplace. This ability to give orders and to have people follow them isn’t the bread and butter of family life.

You feel like your children have been training to do exactly the opposite of everything that you say and the worst thing is that you always end up giving in. It’s terribly difficult for you to forbid them things even though your first response is always a ‘no’.

You feel like you have a split personality. That’s what love does to you, it changes you completely and you can’t do anything to fix it.


At work things will be wonderful now that you figured out how to fix that mistake that you made and there could be a position at the company in a tough position. You’ll feel very proud of yourself and you’ll want to share what you’ve done with your friend and family members, as if you’d done something incredible.

There’s nothing like rectifying a mistake, because it’s a sign that you’ve learned your lesson. Be careful not to get too excited about this topic unless you want to come off as arrogant.

On the other hand, it would be smart to start saving if you want to go on vacation. Even though it’s a ways off, you’ll need more money if you want to take this vacation that you’ve been dreaming of.


Having high blood pressure is a problem that could be solved at the first signs, of course following the instructions of a doctor. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and it should be controlled, you can do this by changing you eating habits.

At this point, the first step would be to reduce your consumption of salt and foods like bacon, pickled foods, dried salted foods, and pre-cooked dishes, cured cheeses and sauces like ketchup.