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Capricorn Magical Horoscope for 6th February

Check Your Forecast for Today, Tuesday 6th February
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Now that you’ve calmed down, you see your relationship in a positive light again. It turns out that you’ve realized that what makes you both so excited to see each other is having the chance to miss one another.

The thing is that you two still haven’t reached the point where you have enough trust in one another or even a real need to spend 24 hours a day together, this is something that comes with time and you’ll get there someday.

On the other hand, those Capricorns that already live with their partners may actually be missing the days of crazy passion. In your particular case, ask yourself what you can do to recreate this feeling and get to it.


It’s distressing to realize that it’s just the beginning of the month and that you’re already pinching pennies. Every month it’s the same story and it seems to have no end. Today you will resign yourself to this idea, but it might make you feel less motivated as you face the workday.

If you think it’s necessary, try to ask for the day off and take the day to rest and relax, you need extra energy to do your best at work. Going in just to be there physically is worse than not going at all since you might get called out because of your behavior.


You’re not in the mood to do much jogging and you’re starting to feel a little down in the dumps. Getting a good night’s sleep is something you haven’t done in ages and it’s something that you should try to do if you want to get your energy levels back up.

You might need to take some sort of tranquilizer. Currently, there are some natural options that have good results, like valerian. Unlike other plants, this one doesn’t drain or debilitate its users and it’s a potent sedative agent, as it relaxes the nervous system and the brain.

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