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The Friday January 19th Capricorn Horoscope

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You are overacting. For you, being in a relationship produces a feeling of being controlled by your partner, but it is not that much. Your thoughts are way far from reality. 

Find someone close to you with whom you can speak out your worries so that this person can help you see things from another perspective. Having another opinion of daily stuff always helps. 

Single Capricorn should be open to whatever is to come and be fearless. Your soul will be enriched if you make the commitment of sharing your life with another person. 



Your working day will seem a bit hard to carry with you. You are not motivated in your job and you keep your thoughts in all those unimportant things which run through your head.  

Take advantage of your free time. Write down your priorities and list them from more important to less important and make the commitments you have to. However, be aware of something: today you are far too busy: you may leave these comprimises for tomorrow. 


money depends on your job, so do not forget this and try to do your best with your colleagues and bosses. Let's not give them reasons not to rely on you. 



You have had days when you have felt more cheerful than today. It is very exhausting to think too many negative thoughts. What you should do is spending time thinking about those things which you enjoy and are excited by. 

Both your body and your mind will be thankful if you gave them a nice moment. Rest away from people or go for a ride on your own. 

Do not hesitate to do whatever helps you break from the routine, do whatever runs through your head. 


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