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The Saturday January 20th Capricorn Stars Prediction

La predicción del horóscopo mágico para los Capricornio
Capricorn daily horoscope |




You are too cautious within your relationship, and it doesn’t help you at all. The fact that you embarked in a relationship nearly forced is now bothering you. You shouldn’t have done that if you were not sure about it.

Although a part inside you wanted everything to work well, time is telling you that this relationship is not to last much longer because it’s harming you. Single Capricorns are scared of feeling forced to share their lives with someone to find happiness.

Now it’s time to leave all these fears back and get rid of these thoughts.


With melancholy, today you’ll remember those years in which you were passionate about your job and you enjoyed it a lot. Your old employment used to make your life easy to carry with quite a lot of money by the end of the month. Time has gone by faster than you could expect and looking backwards saddens you.  

An unexpected change, however, will lead you to see your professional duties in a different way. If you are unemployed, you might find the opportunity you have been waiting for for so long.

To feel comfortable with yourself, you need working activity.


You’d better watch out this weekend with your activities. Your body will be vulnerable and might be injured easily which you’ll sweep along with during the following week.

Doing brusque movements, lifting too much weight or overdoing exercise could lead you to a situation really uncomfortable.  It’s not that you shouldn’t get out of home (of course you should), but pay more attention to some activities you’d better not do.