Capricorn daily horoscope
Capricorn daily horoscope |




When you get home you feel like staying next to someone, but today company will burden. You only want to stay with yourself and will try to avoid talking. You need to listen to yourself and find new ways to express evertything you feel and think. 

Be cautious with the gestures you show when you ask your couple for some space or they will interpret your message in a wrong way and will think you have some problems with them. You are worried about something, but not about love issues; that is why you need time for you. 

Before hiding things, express how you feel clearly. 



In days like today in which you and your colleagues are used to going for a drink after work, you will preffer to do exactly the opposite. You are keen on finding this new project which thrills you and you will have an appointment with a professional who will advise you on when and how to take the first steps. 

It could be that you find a possibility to take a journey to attend a convention in which you will make loads of professional contacts. You will try not to invest too much money in your plans but you will assume that the expense was worth it.


The last thing you think of when you wake up is food. You are only moved by a coffee and although you try it very hard, eating is totally impossible for you. Many years ago, you left your breakfast for others, and from that moment you always skip it. 

This is a bad habbit since, as you know, this is the most important meal of the day. If we avoid breakfast, the organism will work from reserves to function, and you will finally eat in excess in the next meal or grab bites along the whole day.