Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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Today you will experience an unpleasant situation that will leave you fuming. Although the anger that you feel might be difficult to control, you must change your perspective and realize that the universe has made you go through this to teach you a lesson: the importance of forgiveness. 

Normally, you would keep a grudge but this time Capricorn, if you act with love and understanding, you will feel much better in the long run. Remember that the person who can forgive is much stronger (and happier) than the one who can't let go of their bitter thoughts.

If you are in a relationship, today you will manage to lower your guard (a defining trait of your sign) and be more willing to open your heart and express your feelings. This will be extremely positive for both of you. 

If you are single, you might experience a different surge of emotions, a truly explosive one that will bring out your wild side. Sensitive people should stay away from you today, you're ready to take on the world!


If you are considering buying a house, first you need to tink about the practicality of your project. 

Do you have enough money to buy it in cash? If the answer is yes, then go for it! But if that is not the case, perhaps you should stay away from mortgages and stick to renting for now. 

Nowadays, there is no guarantee that you'll hold on to your job forever, and if it comes to losing it, you might end up in a lot of trouble. 


Do you suffer from a headache? Does your whole body ache? My dear Capricorn, what you have is called veisalgia. No idea what that means? It's the medical term for a hangover. 

Even though deep down you are still the crazy youth you once were, the reality is that time is taking its toll on your body. 

Perhaps it's time to settle down and reduce the frequency of your partying.Should you not do this, in a few years you might be worn down with a liver ready to go give out.