Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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The more you insist on being emotionally unavailable for the people closest to you, the worse you and your relationships will be off. 

Many times, your thick armor (which relates to your shyness) can be seen as a rejection by the people around you and can deter them from warming up to you. 

Why do you find it so difficult to trust people, Capricorn? It's true that real friends aren't easy to come by, but they do exist!

Stop trying to keep everything in and to protect yourself from the outside world; if you're not careful, one of these days your head will explode and end up revealing everything anyway.  


Although your professionalism speaks louder than your outfit, Magic Horoscope's advice for today is that you try on an elegant frock and make the most of first impressions. 

The planets' prediction for today foretells the arrival of a new person at your workplace, an important person that might help further your career and help you achieve the objectives that you set yourself.  

You must try your best to stand out and make a fabulous first impression, don't waste an excellent opportunity to shine. 


When we live a hectic lifestyle, it's challenging to keep a healthy and balanced diet, and we tend to succumb to easy fixes that aren't always beneficial for our health. 

Although cooking may not be your forte, the stars are urging you to consider taking better control of what you eat. 

What better way to do that than being your own cook? Start with simple recipes, and as you go along learning more about cooking, you'll gain the confidence to become a real master chef.