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Your loyalty is your most significant virtue, Capricorn. It's a beautiful thing. However, you must keep in mind that not everyone will treasure loyalty as much as you and when they don't, you must be just as objective. 

This is why it's important to remember that we each have our own sets of values that govern our lives and that we all have different ways of manifesting ourselves. 

Should you feel tempted to judge anyone today, Magic Horoscope advises you to take a deep breath in and try to put yourself in that person's shoes. 

Empathy and effective communication will be your weapons against the dark clouds that threaten to ruin a calm and productive day. 

If you have a significant other, try not to be more demanding than usual, this can upset them today. If you need affection or to be closer to them, try speaking with love and understanding (instead of reproaching). 

If you are single, today you will find yourself wanting more from love. This could turn out to be positive provided that you don't mistake high standards for arrogance and bad manners, in which case you'll have the opposite effect on people.


You always give the best of you, and it's something that your employers value greatly. Your coworkers, however, could perceive it differently and start seeing you as a threat. 

Be careful with the people around you; if you are not on your toes, someone will try and sabotage you.  Should you discover these negative intentions, try and avoid acting rashly or aggressively, the ricochet effect could have disastrous consequences.  

To conclude, Magic Horoscope strongly advises that you exercise caution when it comes to your work and finances.


When's the last time you paid your optician a visit? According to the planets, it's been a while. 

In an age of digital advancements where we're constantly surrounded by screens, our eyes are more prone than ever to experience problems. 

Don't forget to rest your eyes so that you don't make matters worse.