Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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Lately, you have been struggling to understand yourself. Sudden mood changes, a mad desire to conquer the world or do nothing at all, an inspiration that flows over you like tidal waves only to then plunge into the abyss. It can drive you crazy!

You needn't worry as this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with a recent positioning of the planets that exerts new influences on Capricorn natives. To ensure that your optimistic side prevails today, you need to fill your day with positive stimulus and vibration. 

Go outside and enjoy the day, make plans with your friends or with your significant other. Show the Universe that your inner strength knows no bounds, and you'll see how much better you'll be at controlling your emotions. 


Feng Shui is not only important when it comes to balancing your home's energies, but also for financial gains. To make this happen, you must follow a few recommendations, although they may seem ridiculous in the beginning. 

For example, keeping the toilet seat down keeps good energy from escaping the house, just as disposing of the waste you produce daily does. 

Keeping your rooms clean and tidy is another essential factor that will turn you into a money magnet. You can also decorate the corners of your house with objects that inspire you. 

If on top of this, your house is decorated with mainly red, green, and purple shades then you are on a sure road to financial success!


The crescent Moon phase facilitates an ideal moment to change your look or perhaps undergo some hair treatments. 

This period is auspicious for hair growth, and if you've been considering paying your barber/hairdresser a visit, then Magic Horoscope recommends that you wait no longer. 

The best moment to go ahead with your change of look is from 12:00 midday to 6:00 in the evening, considering that is the window of time when the Moon's attraction is at its strongest.