Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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Love triangles tend to be dangerous things that have a negative impact on everyone involved. 

It's true that when we find ourselves in one of these situations, it's difficult to act rationally and not let fear take over. The important thing is to move cautiously and empathetically so that no one gets hurt. 

The planets are urging you to realize that, while you can't help yourself from feeling a certain way deep down, you can decide how to act on those feelings. This is why, before you take any critical decisions that you might regret, Magic Horoscope recommends that you reflect on the things that you already possess and on the ones you would like to have, all the while understanding that you can't have them all.  

You need to be brave, Capricorn, and remember that a happy life also includes taking risks. We are all prone to making mistakes, but if we act in line with what our heart dictates and we look out for the ones closest to us, our efforts will not go by unnoticed. 


The stars' forecast introduces a new person in your work life, someone that you will have excellent professional compatibility with. In case you are the one starting a new professional endeavor, you will come across someone who will offer you their full support. 

Either way, you and this person will enjoy a special connection where words won't be needed, and your incredible communication will open new opportunities for you both. 

Enjoy the stars' gift; not everyone is lucky to meet someone who could change their lives in a few days. You never know what the Universe has in store for you. Aren't you feeling a little more excited, Capricorn? Well, you should!


Uranus is acting up these days and will attract all kinds of accidents related to your hands. Be especially careful with them today as bad luck might be just around the corner, waiting to catch you off guard. 

Keep your eyes peeled when walking on irregular surfaces, be careful if you have to cut up food or if someone close to you is doing something that could harm your hands and arms.