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Your pride is the main reason for all the failures you've experienced in your love life, Capricorn. It's wonderful that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and you have such a good impression of yourself, but you must understand that using that side of your personality will not make you an effective leader. 


The secret to overcoming your pride and being completely happy is to focus less on what you have and direct more of your attention on how much you can give others. 


The bottom line is that, if you spend your time thinking that you deserve more than what you're getting, you will constantly feel unhappy and frustrated; and probably end up taking it out on the ones around you. 


Change the script, and start valuing people as much as you appreciate yourself. It's always better to have someone to offer support and admiration than being your own cheerleader because you're unable to get past your pride. 


Harmony and balance are slowly returning to your workplace and spreading over all aspects of your work life. 


It could be because of a new ambiance at work, or maybe because you feel more and more accepted by your colleagues and valued by your employers, or just because you've gotten the hang of the job and you're doing it with more ease. 


The point is that even in your most professional state, you've started to enjoy yourself and have fun at work, which is something incredible. Make sure to remember and keep that feeling inside of you; it will come in handy when tough times come


Don't worry too much, Capricorn, because the stars' forecast for the near future is quite peaceful and satisfactory, so there's no reason to fret. 


You need to be careful with sudden movements and heavy weights today as our lower back might experience some pain. You could end up feeling a considerable amount of discomfort that will interfere with your usual activities. 


If your lower back does hurt today and you want to relieve the pain, Magic Horoscope recommends lying on your side, bending one leg and supporting it on a pillow or a thick towel. 


And if on top of this, you immediately apply a cold press to the area that upsets you and then, hours later, you use a hot one; you'll be able to rid yourself of back pain in the blink of an eye.