Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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Much to your distaste, Capricorn, the stars' forecast for today is that you can't plan everything in life and you can't control everything that happens. As much as you try to resist it and bang your head against a wall, sometimes in life, the best thing to do is align with the flow of the Universe. 


So there's no need to force yourself to stop thinking about that person that broke your heart years ago or waste your breath on convincing a friend that they're not acting right and will get hurt, or try and save a world doomed to perdition. 


If your feelings have been rekindled, they will be impossible to silence. If your friend decides to jump into an empty swimming pool, it won't be your problem, all you need to do it be there to tend to his wound. Should anyone be in danger, see if they can manage on their own first, as someone else might need your assistance more urgently. 


Focus on living and enjoying life while you're still here, let yourself marvel at all the wonders of the world. 




Jupiter and Mars have joined forces today and bring forward one of the most tempting job opportunities you've had in a while. Although you've been doing well at work lately and you might be inclined to pass on the chance, Magic Horoscopes strongly advises you to think twice before making a decision. 


Keep in mind that life is about cycles, and not long ago you would have done anything to get out of there. Try and identify what has made you change your mind, and decide if the new opportunity is reason enough to give up on what might be the job of your life. 



Have you been losing weight recently? Are you thirsty and constantly feel the need to pee? Do you have blurred vision or a strange tingling feeling in your legs?


Be very careful, Capricorn as the planets are foretelling a problem related to your sugar levels; it could potentially indicate a type of diabetes. We recommend visiting a doctor and running some tests, just so that you don't make yourself crazy with worry.