Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You will have to come face to face with the most dreaded moment of all, Capricorn: expressing your feelings.  That person that has taken over your heart and mind will ask you to confess your feelings for them. 


Although the mere thought of it makes you want to go running for the hills, Magic Horoscope has bad news for you: there's no way around this, you must come clean about your feelings. 


This only applies in case you don't want that person to disappear from your life. Come on, Capricorn, it's not so difficult. Forget about your fear of failure and conflict, remember to choose your words wisely when you express your feelings. It will be easier than you had imagined. 



Mars and Pluto, also known as gods of wealth, are joining forces today to boost your economy. You will have a sixth sense about money today and you must take advantage of any and all opportunities to benefit your finances. 


Your lucky number today are 7, 16, 25 or 34 so should you see these digits anywhere, don't doubt in getting close to them and using them to your advantage. 



In the realm of white magic, the most used spells are love or money spells. Many people, however, seem to forget about health which, at the end of the day, is our most valuable possession. 


This is where health amulets come into play and help ensure our wellbeing. Magic Horoscope has a few recommendations so you can get your own and enjoy its benefits first hand. 


Among the most effective health amulets, we can mention the Hamsa (hand of Fatima), the Cross of Caravaca, the Triskelion, Seal of Solomonand the Tetragrammaton, the most powerful of them all. Get yourself one of these symbols and watch your problems dissipate.