Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Sometimes, you're worse than a child, Capricorn, and it's all because of your dark side, which is quite a pity.  The planets are working overtime in your favor, filling your life with love and happiness, and then you come around, with your pride and negativity, and ruin everything. 


If yesterday was the perfect time to attract fortune and good luck, today you find yourself in a bottomless pit of despair. Your skepticism manages to bring down even the strongest morale. 


When will you understand that you make your own destiny? The planets facilitate certain situations, opportunities, meeting specific people, but how you make use of these chances is entirely up to you.


We recommend that you drop the grumpy attitude, stop complaining and start appreciating the positive things in your life. Those around you are slowly but surely getting tired of your mistrust and lack of reciprocity, and they will drift away. 



Receiving feedback from your employers is a great learning curve, but you should be careful not to let your professionalism get the best of your dignity. 


Today Saturn's influence might cause aggression and incite to conflictual situations. This is why your superiors might cross the line, either make an unwarranted remark or raise their tone at you. 


Speak up and take a stand. Otherwise, people will believe that it's acceptable behavior and you risk setting a precedent for future transgressions. Make it a point to explain that treating your employees equally is vital in keeping them motivated and productive. Bottom line is if they cannot respect the people working for them, they don't deserve having someone as valuable as you pouring their heart and soul into the job. 



Have you ever experienced borborygmus? We are talking about those loud sounds your bowels make when the intestines move. 


Today your stomach might act up and start rumbling at the least appropriate time. Two solutions to these annoying sounds would be to either drink a glass of water or to have a small snack