Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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Uranus kicks off a new phase of change where you'll be inspired to experience new things when it comes to love. This will influence especially those Capricorns that have been in a relationship for a while.  



Ideas that once seemed extravagant are now quite tempting, and you'll fantasize about experiences such as having a threesome or partner-swapping.  


You need to speak about it with your partner beforehand and lay down the rules and boundaries and perhaps even get advice from a professional. 


Don't be ashamed of your impulses, everyone enjoys sex, and we're all free to experiment with the things that appeal to us. 



Today your mind will feel a bit fuzzy at work; you'll constantly be thinking about inappropriate and confusing things. What's the matter, Capricorn? It seems unusual for someone as methodical and disciplined as you to fall prey to a fantasy world.  


Could it be that your subconscious is being reprogrammed? If the answer is yes, Magic Horoscope extends its warmest congratulations because you are about to experience magnificent things. If, however, that is not the case, fret not as it's never too late to start being happy. 



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