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Keep your eyes peeled, Capricorn. There is someone out there taking over your heart and discovering your most hidden desires, even those you've always kept secret.  

You may be oblivious to all of this because the person in question is part of your circle of friends and your interactions have only been platonic, or perhaps you've never given them much thought. 

The fact of the matter is that you're discovering the wonders of love, and because things started organically, without having to force anything, this experience feels even more exciting. 

Magic Horoscope recommends that you take things slowly and let the relationship take its course. It might be too early to say, but you could have found the love of your life!



Neptune will make an appearance in your natal chart and help you get a fresh perspective, a more positive one, on all the problems that have troubled you so far. This is the reason why you'll feel more relaxed at work; you finally understand that you can only do so much in a day and the wage you get does not justify damaging your health. 

Moreover, you might realize that instead of working to live you have been living to work, something you may not forgive yourself for. No matter how good a job is, you can never prioritize it over your wellbeing. 

So, get your head in the game and start looking for a workplace that truly deserves to have you; someone as valuable as you should never settle for less. 


You will need to slow down a bit, your body is reaching its limit and can't keep up with your lifestyle. If you're not willing to do it on your own accord, then your body might end up forcing a shutdown and recovery could end up taking longer than you have expected.  

Balance your working hours with your resting time or your health might deteriorate and you could experience nasty consequences.