Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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Don't think you'll get out of having that awkward conversation. The person that is so interested in you will like to clarify a few things. It's about the sacrifices they have made for you and also how your indifference makes them feel whenever you choose your obligations over spending time with them. 

These few days will be especially sensitive. Your partner, your family, or friends will demand your attention and want you close, either for advice or company. 

It's important to let down the guard from time to time and give way to emotions. You'll see how good that feels. 


Today is not the best day for shopping sprees or great investments. Don't give in to your impulses, and stay away from commercials, try to resist them both. 

Although it's not a part of your character, the planets' influence for today will lead you to meet dubious people and scammers. Magic Horoscope recommends that you stay on your toes and pay close attention to your money, contract signing, payments, and acquisitions. You've been warned.

Once you're back home today, have a look at your finances so you can project your end of the year spendings. 


You'll be at your stomach's mercy today, perhaps experience some throat issues as well. Keep a balanced diet, have your meals somewhere quiet, without any distractions like your phone or the news, enjoy good conversation and you'll see how easy the digestion will get. 

All the stress and emotions you go though are not worth the health issues. You've got a long way to go until you learn how to pace yourself and prioritize your health. 

Meanwhile, a chamomile and mint infusion plus keeping a health diary could be useful tools against your fatigue.