Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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All your efforts to break down your walls will not go by unnoticed. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the positive energies of your newfound freedom. 

Magic Horoscope has identified a tendency of yours for today. You will put all your relationships under a magnifying glass, looking for faults, for proof that you've invested more than them, that they don't deserve you, or whether or not they're your soul mate.  

Being so rational is not the best approach in love. Get in touch with your emotions and don't spoil your feelings with unnecessary scenarios. 

Remember that when you criticize your significant other, you're in fact criticizing yourself. In matters of the heart, we represent each other's reflection, for better or worse. 


Things will not go as planned because of some unexpected situations. This predicament inconveniences Capricorn natives, as they detest unforeseen evens, and much like the goat that confidently climbs a mountain, Capricorns need to see the road laid in front of them to push forward.  

Take a deep breath and calm down: clear out and organize your working space, add some decoration, maybe a feng shui mirror, or perhaps that interior plant you've always wanted. 

You need to reactivate your energy via positive actions instead of getting upset. 



Today is an excellent day. The crescent Moon in Virgo will offer you a boost in determination to start that detox diet you know will be good for you. 

Imagine getting to the end of the year and knowing that you're in perfect health and that you've discovered how to use the healing powers of love leaving behind migraines, joint paint, fatigue and other side effects of fast food and pastry. 

If you're not that skilled at taking the pulse of your health, Magic Horoscope recommends that you speak to your doctor and let them help you chose the best diet.