Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


According to the stars, you will experience some difficulties in your love life, which can be caused either by an emotional issue or a physical one. Although these rough patches are difficult, if you and your partner join forces you will be able to cope with the situation and come out stronger. 

You need to be willing to show compassion and patience because being in a bad mood will only backfire and you will be the one affected. Chin up, Capricorn!

You still need to be on your toes even if you are a single Capricorn. Bad luck can follow you as well, or better yet, affect someone from your circle. 

It would be a good idea to lend a helping hand to anyone that might need it, and in turn, replenish your aura with positive energies and attract new things into your life. 


Ambition can be a double-sided sword, especially when it comes to unconventional persons such as yourself, Capricorn. It's no secret that you got to where you are by working hard, but it is not healthy to keep pushing yourself to your limits, always wanting more. 

Want to know why it's not healthy? It's because this lifestyle can trap you in a constant state of dissatisfaction that will only increase your desperation. Focus on enjoying the moment and be grateful for everything life has given you, which is quite plenty. 

Your spiritual self and the people around you will forever be grateful. 


If you are experiencing pain close to your bellybutton, you may be faced with a more serious problem. 

Despite an initial conclusion which may lead us to think that we are dealing with liver, pancreas or stomach problems, the pain could be closely connected with the obstruction of your third Chakra, also known as the solar plexus. 

An ideal remedy would be to learn how to control your emotions, but there are also other solutions such as getting a yellow magic crystal or brewing an infusion of parsley, ginger, milk thistle or dandelion.