Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



Capricorn, the end of this week will bring you all the joy you seem to have lost lately. The planets predict especially good news which will completely change the negative flow of energy that you have been accumulating.   

This new wave of happiness will take over your whole being and give you a fresh glow, that will not only extend to you but your loved ones too. Try not to let your negative side convince you that it's just an illusion; things are in fact getting better.  

If you are in a relationship, harmony will reign once more and will allow you to make entirely new plans that will help rekindle the good energies between you. Enjoy this new stage that you've entered as a couple; it might take things to a level you weren't expecting. 

If you are single, Capricorn, this new shift in energy that you are experiencing will turn you into a magnet for the opposite sex and enhance your odds for success. You will have the chance to start a new relationship,  but you can still enjoy that magnetism without any commitment. 


There will be a series of changes in your workplace that will leave you feeling lost and out of place. Try not to panic because most of the times, we find the idea of change harder to process than change itself. 

Someone as professional and persistent as you are will have no issues adapting to a new situation. Better yet, you might have to help other colleagues that are not as versatile as you are. 


Keep your eyes peeled as today you might feel a little clumsier than usual, and you could experience certain small accidents. There are no severe health issues forecast, and we're sure that you wouldn't want to be tied down to a bed, resting for a week, would you, Capricorn?