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Capricorn Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You'll start off the new week with renewed energy and better vibes than you've been experiencing in prior days. In the beginning, you may not realize it, mainly because the Moon is exercising its influences on you which is making you feel more emotional than usual, but as the day goes by, you'll see that your mood will improve progressively. 

This will help you to smooth things out with the person that you had a confrontation with recently since you don't like being in bad standings with someone that you care about one bit. In spite of it all, you keep following the emotional ebbs and flows.

To avoid overthinking things, try to avoid comparing yourself with the people around you, and consider the fact that having different experiences outside of what others would consider 'normal' could be just as exciting, if not more. It all depends on you.


As long as you don't lose sight of your goal, there is nothing that should worry you. Stop obsessing over wanting to do more and reaching higher and further goals, because this pressure that you put on yourself isn't doing you any favors.

You should learn to look at what's worrying you from a different perspective, even if it's hard for someone with ideas that are as fixed as yours are. You might find out that you've been putting a tremendous effort into getting the same thing that you could have achieved twice as easily.



Even if you're a sign that needs to be in constant motion, you should learn that stopping is necessary every once in a while. Stop, breathe, and reflect before going back to everything with full force.

You should consider a calmer lifestyle. Also, this would be wonderful for your health, even if you're a restless person that can't stand sitting on the couch for even just one afternoon.

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