Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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After going on a few dates with the person you're getting to know, today you'll realize how much you enjoy this person's company that you've been sharing a lot of your life with.

After spending a few weekends in this person's company and several dates, everything seems to be going well and you two are great for one another. You feel like you could share so many things with this person.

Enjoy this opportunity and let happiness and excitement come into your life. If your intuition tells you that the place, timing, and person are right, then you've got nothing to fear.


Checking your online banking all day long won't fix your problems. It would be most practical for you to look at a bank statement to figure out what you want to know until you find the missing piece.

As far as your finances go, it seems like this month is getting a bit long and you can't wait for the end of the month to just get here already. You may be thinking of talking to your superiors to ask them if they could advance you your salary, but now isn't the right time.

Using discretion won't help you much either in this case. If you get too annoying or demanding, you might provoke exactly the opposite effect of what you were looking for. As much as you may want to control everything, sometimes things aren't up to you.


Your mood seems to be improving significantly now that some troubles in your life have disappeared, in spite of your health worries. In your mind, there's no room for sadness, but relief for having resolved a problem that you were quite worried about.

If you want to continue moving in this direction, radiating happiness, focus on how wonderful everything is going and your mood will remain up in the clouds. As you know, all of the energy that we send to the Universe will be returned to us. If this energy is positive, even better.