Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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You don't like your partner's new friend one bit, and honestly, you're not wrong about this. With Mercury coming into a retrograde phase in your sign, it seems like the arrival of someone new in your environment won't bring anything good in your life.

You'll start looking closer at your partner's actions over the course of the next few days. When you do this, you'll realize that they are no longer spending the time that they used to with you before they met this person.


There's no doubt that the worst part of work for you is getting up early. If you recently changed your work schedule, you probably have been feeling more tired than usual. This Sunday you probably aren't feeling too thrilled by the thought of starting up this routine again.

No matter how much time goes by, getting up early will always annoy you. No matter how much you rest, your body just doesn't seem to be made to roll out of bed at these hours.

Today you'll have the opportunity to rest and recharge your battery, even though the idea of getting back to this schedule doesn't appeal to you. All of this could be a sign that you need a change, but until dive back into your new routine, you won't understand how crucial doing this is.


Trying to foresee the future is pointless, Capricorn. This is an affirmation that you'll have to accept today, even if it clashes with your principles. You think that if you're able to see what's coming, you'll have more control over the situations that come up.

Having to visit your doctor all the time can be annoying, but this situation will be easier to digest if you look at it from a different perspective. Focus on the present and trust them to do their job, and that things will go well.