Capricorn Daily Horoscope
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Your values and priorities have changed over time. You no longer put your interests before everything and everyone else. However, it seems that sometimes you decide to adapt yourself to the other person's needs out of insecurity.

You need to realize that the basis for a good relationship isn't in always letting your partner win, but instead trusting each other enough to express yourself and to be comfortable with your position. If you don't do this, the foundation will eventually crumble, and you'll end up losing the person that you love so much.


This week that's just kicked off comes with a lot of changes in your work environment. On the one hand, today, you may have a new coworker that will give you a lot to talk about. 

This person will stir things up because to you and the rest of the team it will seem like this person has come to replace someone. So, this will create a lot of rumors and gossip that will keep you on your toes over the course of the next few days.

In this situation, Magic Horoscope recommends that you take on a different attitude towards others and help them to feel at home in their new job. Over time, this person could become a fundamental piece of the company and could bring more to the table than you might think at first.


It seems like your body is going through a transitional phase, but you don't know where it's headed. You appear to gain weight more easily than before, and even though you eat a healthy diet, you don't have enough energy to be in top conditions.

This could be partially due to a change in biorhythm: although you're a person that feels more active during the afternoon and evening, you now have to get up early to go to work, and you don't really have much energy until afternoon time.

However, time doesn't stop for anyone, and you don't have the same fitness level as you used to. A situation that only has two solutions: accept the changes and give up or do whatever you can to fix the things you're uncomfortable with.