Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today, a man in your environment will be in desperate need of a shoulder to cry on. Luckily you'll be there to lend this person a hand and to help them to work things out. If you support this person, the Universe will return your favor and fill your day with incredible moments.

Also, Venus will help your romantic and sensitive side to flourish, in a way that will surprise all of the people around you. Make the most of this to give your partner a unique experience, and this will make them want you even more. Preparing a romantic dinner could be the perfect solution to top off an incredible day.


If you work for someone else, today you may feel an incredible urge to take the leap and start your own business. It is a good thing to evolve professionally, and even more so if you like to look out for yourself, but you should use your careful and calculating side to determine whether or not this is a good idea.

Just think that it would be easy for someone that is as hardworking as you are for things to come out well, but you may be obliged to sacrifice certain pleasures or people, and this might not seem as entertaining when the time comes. For this reason, it would be best if you spent a certain amount of time every day to study the viability of this project and this way you can take action without assuming too many risks.


Even if you don't like wasting time and you think that you're as strong as iron and that you don't need any rest, you should never forget to take care of your body and take some time for yourself. Magic Horoscope has a proposal for you: Go and buy a scented candle, find some music that you find relaxing, fill the bathtub up to the top and submerge yourself for a moment. You'll notice that when you get out, you'll be a whole new person.