Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Sometimes you are a contradictory and unpredictable being, Capricorn, especially when your ruling planet is retrograde in your sign, something that has been happening for several days now.

On the one hand, you are considering the possibility of being with someone forever that brings you the sense of stability and security that you need. Someone to build a family with or that would give you the chance to rebuild your life. However, you don't always feel this way.

On the other hand, the truth is that you also feel attracted to the idea of being free, able to do what you please whenever you wish, without having to explain yourself to anyone, which you feel goes very well with your personality.

You need to realize that you are probably fantasizing about exactly the opposite of what you have. In reality, you have to analyze your daily life closely and ask yourself if you are really happy and avoid confusing "what could be" with "reality".


Pay attention because today you can make any mistakes. If you are in the health field, today you could face a significant professional challenge that will lead you to save a life.

Also, those that are in the business or financial sector will also have the opportunity to reach a big agreement, and the decision that the other party makes will be determined by what you lay out today.

Before you leave the house and head to work, make sure that you have everything in order and bring some self-confidence along too, because these are the key ingredients that will bring you straight to success.


This secret hideaway that you have will be the place that you miss the most today. This is a place where you are far away from any kind of noise, where you can enjoy a moment of peace and solitude that allows you to relax.

You'll have to go to this place if it's possible, or at least, try to reach this state of relaxation and serenity that you feel when you're there.