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Capricorn Forecast for September 22

Prediction for Saturday
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If you think that you don't like the person that you've just started talking to recently or that they're just not right for you, cut things off and you'll feel great Capricorn. Once you've cleared up your feeling, you'll be free to explore other sentimental relationships again.

The position of the cosmos predicts some sort of rebirth that will begin the path to the single life for many Capricorns born under this sign, however, it is true that many that are still in relationships will follow this path as well.

In the end, if you feel that your relationship with someone doesn't make you happy or it doesn't leave you feeling fulfilled enough, the best thing to do is to move forward on separate paths before doing things behind their back or lying to this person.


Those that own their own business which isn't in its best moment will be able to see with their own eyes how things begin to go back to a normal and optimum state.

You'll see how you'll meet your goals, Capricorn, and this will make you feel very satisfied when you realize that all of your efforts haven't been in vain.

A new financial situation awaits you, which will be the fruit of all of your hard work and the enthusiasm that you've put into this business that you've sacrificed everything to make work.


Magic Horoscope's cosmic prediction does not predict any significant health problems for today, but you will have to continue to move forward with your usual health plan if you want to avoid suffering from more serious problems in the future.

This applies to all of those people that have been participating in sports, meditating, or changing their diet - especially, those focused on reducing cholesterol levels - or any other kind of activity that is focused on improving a health issue that you may have.

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