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Capricorn Horoscope for 23 September

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Thanks to the planetary energies that will begin to be created today, you'll have the opportunity to renew yourself on the inside and channel your emotions and feelings sincerely and concretely.

This is mainly positive if you are thinking about making a relationship official, but it will also be handy for all of those Capricorns that don't find themselves in this situation.

Understanding your feelings is just as crucial for those that are single as for those who are in relationships. Since once you know what you want, you will be able to continue moving towards inner growth.

On the other hand, today you may cross paths with someone that will catch your attention due to their ability to make a racket over just about anything. You'll think that this type of person seems to be hiding something that isn't necessarily good. As the days pass, you'll discover their true intentions.


Avoid exaggerating as much as you can today, Capricorn. You may find that you don't feel as happy as you think that you should when it comes to going back to work, but you don't need to feel so badly about this.

In the end, the only thing that you will miss out on is the chance to enjoy a day like today with a bit of tranquility. Reflect on this, Capricorn, and count to ten, before you decide to go crazy.

Just think, you're the only one that comes out of this situation hurt. Filling your head with negative thoughts isn't good for you, and you end up attracting bad vibes to your life. Learn to enjoy the moment a bit more.


If in the work realm you should avoid exaggerating, then in health you should do the same and stay away from going overboard. Capricorn is in a sensitive position today concerning foods and temperature changes, so you should act prudently. 

This means that you should put a particular emphasis on maintaining a healthy diet in this area. Try to avoid overeating today, or you will end up making your life more complicated than need be.

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