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Capricorn Magic Horoscope for September 29

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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It's time to get back to the routine and work, which isn't exactly your favorite time of the year and for one reason or another, that only you know, you get defensive. Let yourself be loved during these days and try to be more caring towards the people around you.

Although in the beginning, you may have the feeling that you're putting in a considerable effort, you can be sure that you will end up feeling comforted. The position of the cosmos reveals that one of your loved ones is a bit worried because they feel like your relationship isn't as close as it used to be. 

On the other hand, your partner will be with you and will be of great help and support during these days where you'll be affected by a changing mood. Thanks to him or her you will learn to see things from the opposite perspective, and you'll start off the new month will a whole new outlook on life.


It's no wonder you don't like the end of the month, keeping in mind the chaos that tends to overcome your days at the workplace during this time. Everyone seems to solely be focused on their tasks, but the tension to reach fixed goals, set by the company, leads many to take advantage of the smallest mistake to start fights.

You'll have to bite the bullet to face the situation and go as unnoticed as possible until the situation calms down. Concentrate and try to avoid those people that don't give off good vibes, since these are precisely the people that could harm you.


Magic Horoscope recommends that you stop consuming certain foods since they aren't very beneficial to you. Have you considered the possibility of talking to your doctor before changing your diet? If this isn't the case, think about this and make an appointment.

After several weeks of rest, many people tend to put on more weight than usual due to some of the excesses that they commit. Knowing that they are moving into a period of changes before the arrival of a new season, some Capricorns will be willing to do whatever it takes to make up for this.

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