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Capricorn Daily Prediction for 30 September

Sunday’s Capricorn Forecast
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Maybe you've been taught that love needs to be a certain way and not just this, but also, you probably have a preconceived idea about what your perfect partner should be like.

Even if this is crystal clear to you, have you ever questioned whether this kind of person is really someone you'd want to fall in love with? Searching for a person that you actually like without worrying about looks or the kind of relationship you'll have with him or her is more important than you realize, Capricorn.

Don't jump into just anyone's arms out of impatience or for fear of what they'll say. After a long time searching for this ideal person, you may feel that it is time to commit, however, you may not feel totally convinced.


Certain sectors just feel natural to you. You could turn your professional obligations into a hobby that could be almost addictive; you may even consider making your company your second home.

Feeling comfortable in your workplace is very important, and today you'll feel willing to change a lot of things in your work environment, taking advantage of this busy day.

If you own your own business, you won't have any problem changing these aspects as you please. However, if you work for someone and you have superiors, it would be best to hold back a bit, or these people could end up seeing you as a threat that they have to get rid of ASAP.


The resentment that you've accumulated due to certain episodes from the past are keeping you from moving forward in your relationships and your personal growth. The time has come to look back and learn to forgive and forget these bad experiences to welcome new ones.

Sometimes you feel like you're carrying a heavy load and this isn't far from the truth: in the end, everything that keeps us from moving forward becomes a dead weight that threatens our happiness and well-being. Action needs to be taken in these matters before it's too late, Capricorn.

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